By Hafiz Wahid

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find public squash courts in Singapore. Luckily, the Club owns two great squash courts and to those who say they are not aware that we have Squash within our vicinity, well now you do!
The squash courts are home to our active squash community. These fanatic “smashers” get together on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm and every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm for the Squash Socials!
Indeed, a wonderful way to play a sport, connect and socialise with other members of the same interest!
We managed to have some insights via a short interview with some of them.

Kim Hine
Q: How long have you been playing squash at the Club?
A:“Oh wow, I can hardly recall. Daniel Gelinas had invited me down and that was more than seven years ago.”

Q: We know that back then you were not a member of the Club yet. Why did you eventually join?
A: “Because of the Squash section, it’s a fun group to play squash with”

Q: And who is your favorite playing partner and why?
A: “Oh, I have to say Daniel. It’s always…exciting.”

Q: Why?
A: “It’s hard to say, there is always excitement in many ways!”

Eugene Szekely
“I have been with the Club for about 4 years.
Q: Many Members say they joined the squash because of “the guys there”. What makes you and the squash community so special?
A: “I think it’s an open, friendly kind of atmosphere where you can play informally and be competitive at the same time, which is great. That is why I play squash; I like to share the feeling of winning with them. These guys are always open to inviting new players to the community. We joke a lot and we have lots of fun together.”
Q: And who is your favorite playing partner and why?
A: “I don’t think that I have a favorite playing partner. One of the pros of playing at the Club, is the fact that you don’t play with one single partner but in a community. Some of them have a similar playing style like mine, and others who play a completely opposite style. It’s great that I must challenge myself to play differently.”

Q: Colin Bullock, how would you describe 2017 and what do you have in mind for 2018?
A: “After a shaky start to 2017 with the section forgetting to submit the forms for the National Squash League resulting in a mad panic of WhatsApp messages between Singapore, Zurich, Canada and Australia, the year progressed quite well.
Members have participated in various tournaments in Singapore (Singapore Island Country Club and Tanglin Jumbo Doubles), around the world (Hong Kong Squash Club 3s, Royal Bangkok Sports Club Jumbo Doubles) and against local clubs ( Singapore Cricket Club, British Club, American Club, Tanglin Club) not to mention our own very successful Masters Tournament.
We came very close to winning the year-end COSMO league coming second by one point. Having won the league in 2013 and 2015, 2017 would have brought a nice symmetry.
Our New Year’s resolution is to be better organised for 2018 but we still need the support and involvement of Members”.