By Nina Gunasingham

Branka Ralph’s family have lived in Singapore since 2002 and have been members of the Hollandse Club since the beginning of the year. Her two boys, Kyle (aged 10) and Kip (aged eight) attend the Australian International School and both enjoy sports such as swimming and tennis. While Branka is Australian, her husband Oli is from the United Kingdom – though his parents now live in New Zealand. Truly international!


Branka has always enjoyed trivia nights because she finds quirky facts interesting and she used to organise quizzes for staff at school in Australia. She started conducting trivia nights about six years ago by filling in for someone else. Ironically, she hated public speaking even though she has a teaching background. What a turn-around; now she gets up to 300 people at her quizzes!

Her company, BeInquizitive, can host trivia nights for corporate events, families, charities and birthday parties. Branka is conscientious about her work, obtaining the demographics to tailor her quiz to her audience. She is a one-woman show; she makes the answer booklets (which she responsibly recycles), creates the questions and is Quiz Mistress. Sometimes Oli does help out as her “Tech geek” as well as competing twice a week. Oli competes in the quizzes??? No accusations of cheating?

Branka holds quiz nights three to four times a week. She finishes by 10pm so people can chat. She does not repeat questions, especially since some regulars have followed her for six years.

She tries to keep questions current and usually linked to Singapore, as she gets a breadth of nationalities and ages, and balances the difficulty so that scores are neither too low nor high and results are close at the end of the quiz.

Trivia nights are great social events. You can form your own team or join a team and you meet so many interesting people. Branka herself has made many good friends through her Trivia nights.

There are six rounds starting with a picture round followed by four of varied categories. The last is a double-or-nothing Wipeout round – which can be a complete game changer. And she has her ”Oi!“ wheel (one ”Oi!“ allowed per table) which can give teams points, Wipeout immunity or a jug of beer.

BeInquizitive holds a league for teams every three months. Branka gives 2 points (per team) for turning up, 3 points for third place, 4 points for second and 5 points for first. Points are accumulated over the quarter for which the first prize is $100 and second prize is $50.

Don’t be afraid to join in; she will help out newcomers. Branka has been voted Favourite Quiz Mistress several years in a row by Time Out – but do pay attention to her motto “Be careful when you heckle the person with the microphone”!

At the Hollandse Club

At BeInquizitive’s first Hollandse Club quiz night there were 22 teams, including five regulars and on May 26, she held the very successful Family Trivia Night. Branka looks forward to seeing more Hollandse Club Members at her trivia nights.

From this quarter, the grand prize will be vouchers to use on your next visit; $200 worth for first place and $100 for second.

Branka hosts quiz nights at Jaxs Bistro every Thursday from 8-10pm. You can find out more at or on