By Aidil Teper

Family is important to Sherwin Acosta Dimaculangan at home, and at work. Here, he talks about being part of the Jaxs Bistro family.

We had a heart-to-heart with this new father, to discover what family means to him.

Describe a typical day at Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria

Every day here is fun, even though it gets busy at times. We are always joking around with each other. I love working here. We will hang out sometimes after work and celebrate at our staff party during Christmas. We are a family and we treat all our Club Members like our family.

What is about your job that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy making new friends with everyone. I love to see our Members smile because they appreciate the delicious food and great service that I’m giving them. We chit-chat regularly when they dine at Jaxs Bistro. I already know their names by heart, but now I am trying to remember their membership numbers as well.

When did you START working for the Hollandse Club? How has it changed?

I first started working for the Hollandse Club back on June 2, 2015, as a Food & Beverage Executive. Back then the Club was operating the restaurant plus the Tradewinds Bar, Tennis Pavilion and Pool Bar. It was exclusive to Members, who were mainly Dutch, and Reciprocal Members only. The restaurant served food and beverages to our Members. We also had a banquet department that served the food and beverages for the events in the Club.

Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria was open to the public when it started operating in August 2016. I get to see different faces and meet different people every day. We do the catering for the events now. There are more events in our Club compared to before. Our Members have also become more international with some of them coming from France, Japan and Philippines.

You recently became a father. Tell us more about this experience.

Some of our Members congratulated me when they heard that I became a Dad. I would occasionally share stories about my baby. They even bought me gifts to give to my baby. I feel so touched by their gestures. My son’s name is Stephen Ray and he was born on March 31.

My son and wife are my inspiration for coming to work. They are in Manila, in the Philippines, but they are visiting Singapore in August. I am very excited to show him around to our Members. Ever since I became a Dad, my life has improved. I work harder because I want to provide for my family. My wife is caring for my son back home until he is old enough. It’s important that she nurtures him during his early years. Family is important to me and I want to do the best for my family.