Teenage Interview

//Teenage Interview

Teenage Interview

We’d like to introduce you to four teenage members who recently joined the German European School Singapore (GESS) and were excited to share their first high school experience with us.

  • Guys, thank you for your enthusiasm!

Please meet the Dutch twins Josephine (13) and Willemijn (13) and their friends Lucas (12) and Joep (11).

  • It’s your first year in high school…Cool! How are things going so far?

Joep: Oh man, it’s different, but we get used to it quickly,
Lucas: Yes indeed, it’s a very big difference. I like it because we have much more freedom! Willemijn: We need to get used to have class in different classrooms.
Josephine: We now have class in a different language — English, very exciting.

  • I bet you’d wish you could read your teachers’ minds. Whose thoughts would you like to listen to?

Joep: our English and German teachers. The English teacher is fun and a bit weird. We would love to know what he actually thinks. Probably of good jokes instead of English class.
The twins would like to look inside their German teacher’s head. Lucas, sniffles and adds that no one likes her and you don’t go home happy after a class with her. He wants to know if she thinks the same mean things as she says to them.

  • Teenagers like to gossip a lot, but teachers do so too! What do teachers talk about together you think?

Lucas: I am pretty sure they gossip about me, haha! All the teens agree that teachers must be constantly talking about them, as teenagers are difficult.

  • I believe you all have been members of the Hollandse Club for a while. What do you like to do at the Club?

All teens answer that swimming is their most favourite activity and to hide from their parents while playing (football) at the Multi-Purpose Court, which seems to be their favourite spot. Joep loves the ambiance and all agree there’s always friends to play with.

  • What could we do to make it even nicer for you at the Club?

The boys mention that there should be a hidden room to chill out. The girls want to have a disco with a real deejay, almost like an adult party! Lucas also mentions that he’d like to have a room at the Club where he can do his homework. But looking at the faces of the other three, I think we should not offer this…

  • The Club has many sports on offer such as Tennis, Swimming, Dance…what other sports would you like to see organised?

Lucas wants Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball. Joep thinks that there should be organised football tournaments and professional laser tag with more exciting scenery. Then if you hit your opponent he crashes through this wall…Haha!

Thank you guys for sharing these stories with us. Is there anything else we should know? Nah, the teenagers open their bags of chips and start munching while dreaming about their upcoming holidays in October… it’s a tough life!

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