Whether you are looking for a venue to host a board meeting, baby shower, birthday party, AGM, Wedding or Milestone Anniversary, the Hollandse Club has a variety of venue options to suit your requirements. With event spaces that can seat up to 200+ guests; our dedicated team of professionals are here to help ensure your event runs seamlessly from start to finish.

BoardroomU-ShapeClassroomTheatreWestern BanquetFree Layout
Asia 1 (162 sq.m)60 guests60 guests80 guests200 guests110 guestsN/A
Asia 2 (47 sq.m)20 guests20 guests15 guests25 guests30 guestsN/A
Indoor Lounge (172 sq.m)25 guests25 guests25 guests40 guests60 guestsN/A
Outdoor Lounge (161 sq.m)25 guests25 guests25 guests40 guests60 guestsN/A
Africa Room (48.5 sq.m)25 guests25 guests30 guests30 guests30 guestsN/A
Tennis Pavilion (144 sq.m)N/AN/A30 guests40 guests250 guestsN/A
Multi Purpose Court ( sq.m)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A50 guests

Asia 1

16.50 m (W) | 12.00 m (L)
(162 sq.m)

Stage, Projector and Screen, Theatre Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 200

Provides a unique blend of old world charm with modern touches; a spacious venue flooded with natural light and views of the surrounding luscious grounds. For large groups or for events requiring that extra room, Asia 1 is equipped with staging options and theatre lights. Perfect for AGM’s, birthday parties, product launches, weddings or large family celebrations. Asia 1 can be extended to the neighbouring Asia 2, for that extra space, break out room, artist space or as a VIP area.

4.70 m (W) | 10.00 m (L)
(47.00 sq.m)

Mic, Sound System, Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 40

Asia 2

With hints of old world architectural charm, Asia 2 offers a private area perfect for those closed boardroom meetings, private dinners, presentations or intimate group events.

Africa Room

5.50 m (W) | 8.80 m (L)
(48.50 sq.m)

Mic, Sound System, Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 40

The Africa Room offers you all the privacy of Asia 2 but with a little extra room. Tucked away, the discreet environment offers a flexible space that can be utilized for book launches, workshops, meetings and seminars. A great option to keep in mind if needing some temporary office space whilst relocating or renovating.

4.30 m (W) | 7.00 m (L)
(30.00 sq.m)

Flipcharts and markers, paper, pens, Whiteboard

Max: 12

Europe 1

Our fully equipped conference rooms are the prefect option as a break out area or for smaller meetings for 10 delegates and under.

Indoor Lounge

8.00 m (W) | 21.50 m (L)
(72.00 sq.m)

Mic, Sound System, Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 50

The historical architecture with modern day comforts of the Indoor Lounge offers you a light and spacious venue for your next family reunion, independent movie screening or board dinner. The versatility of the space offers itself to be used for other events such as parent and toddler groups, product launches, small graduation ceremonies and panel discussions.

7.80 m (W) | 18.50 m (L)
(144.00 sq.m)

Mic, Sound System, Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 60

Tennis Pavillion

Overlooking the tennis courts, the tennis pavilion is an outdoor area that is great for birthday parties and small gatherings.

Multi Purpose Court

14 m (W) | 22.78 m (L)
(305 sq.m)

Mic, Sound System, Lights, Tables and Chairs

Max: 50

Whether it’s for a football game amongst friends, a bouncy castle run on a Sunday afternoon or shooting hoops with a basketball, our multi-purpose court is one of the hidden gems up the hill, next to the swimming pool and kids’ playground.