“ON ON”: Singapore Hash House Horrors

//“ON ON”: Singapore Hash House Horrors

“ON ON”: Singapore Hash House Horrors

The hash is something fun to do! Instead of staying at home on Sunday afternoon, why not go to the hash? The hash is a family adventure that is held every other week in the jungle, or the outskirts of Singapore. It starts at 4.30pm.

The hash is a family run a bit like a treasure hunt. The hare or hares lay out the hash. They use chalk or toilet paper to mark the trail. If we see those marks, we all say ‘on on’. It means we are on the right path.

There are a few checks along the track: T-check, Circle check and Y-check. At a check, the trail is broken, and the front-runners need to search to find it again. This slows them down, and keeps the pack together. When they find it again they yell ‘on on.’

The run is 3 or 4 kilometers long and we come back where we started. It can be anywhere in Singapore: sometimes it is in the North, or in Changi but we have also had one on the Green Corridor in Bukit Timah.

At the end of the hash there’s food for everyone, so we all have dinner with ice cream for dessert.  After dinner, there is circle time. Children and parents sit in a circle and we welcome new members and sing a song. Sometimes we celebrate milestones: children who have done 10, 25, 50 or 100 runs get a medal. They get a drink, which they have to pour on themselves or someone else! The cup has to end upside down on your head.

I like the hash because I love to be outdoors. It makes me happy to run in the jungle. I love all the wild animals, but I never see one. I think they are all scared and run away when we are there. Sometimes we climb over fallen trees, sometimes we run through puddles and it is very muddy. I like it best when it’s muddy!

Written by: Maartje van Doodewaard
Aged 8

The kid’s hash is held on alternate Sundays on different locations in Singapore
For more information visit www.hashhousehorrors.com or find them on Facebook

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