When we walk onto the Terrace, Loo Lai Yee always greets us with a cheerful smile. She remembers our favourite food and drinks and often anticipates our order, so I was pleased to find that she has returned to the Hollandse Club under the aegis of Jaxs Bistro after a year away.

Lai Yee is Malaysian, though she now lives in Singapore. Originally from Ipoh, from a family of ten siblings, she went to work in Kuala Lumpur at the age of 17 and then came with friends to Singapore a few years later, where she has lived for the last six years. She prefers the safety of Singapore where she can be independent and make her own way in life. She sends money home every month to her family and travels home to visit them, which is a five hour trip by bus. Lai Yee joined the Hollandse Club in 2012 when her friend Khong Mum Tat, who used to work at the Club, let her know they were looking for a waitress. Under the Hollandse Club she progressed to Assistant Captain in January 2015 and was promoted to Captain in November 2015 before she had to leave the Club due to the Club’s visa restrictions. When Jaxs was looking for new employees, Annemiek recommended Lai Yee. We are all glad to see her back!

She enjoys working at the Hollandse Club because she likes children and because the Members are like family to her, so she treats them as well as she would her own family. Lai Yee prefers being in the service industry where she can interact with Members, rather than working in an office. Her philosophy is that Members should feel that the Club is a second home, so she makes an effort to remember what everyone likes. Lai Yee is happy that Members appreciate her service and she hopes to be here for a long time.

By Nina Gunasingham