By Colin Bullock

June 16, 2018, the day of legend.

Was it the various Putin Cup football games (Spain/Portugal, France/Australia, Argentina/Iceland) or was it the rugby internationals (Japan/Italy, Australia/Ireland, New Zealand/France, South Africa/England, Argentina/Wales)?

No, it was an event far more important, far more elitist, it was the re-start of the Hollandse Club Squash Section vs Tennis Section Racqetlon.

Last played in 2014 and tied at one victory apiece, Racquetlon is where two teams play four racquet sports (tennis, squash, table tennis and “Speedminton”) as individuals against their opposite number. Games are played to 21 points, with a maximum of 84 per player against their opponent.

The squash team, undaunted by the use of giants by the tennis team refused to be intimidated.

June 16, 2018 was a hot day; teams of 14 men in their prime, dreaming of victory and cold beer. The squash boys were unused to the sun, the tennis boys unused to the confining walls of the squash court – both teams a bit shaky on the table tennis table and both teams having no clue what “Speedminton” was….

Play started at 2pm with the sun in a perfect position to roast everyone on the tennis courts, only made more pleasant as it dipped in the sky to make the Racquetlon (played across tennis courts 1 and 2) perfect for the player not blinded….

However, early on, it started to become apparent that the squash boys were becoming dominant. The tennis boys perhaps regretting their decision to “play nicely” on the tennis court in hope of gaining favour on the squash court – no such luck.

Let us hope that the tennis boys will come back fighting next year. Squash won 9 1/2 to 4 1/2 .

Many thanks to Scott for organising the day.