Paul Mah lives the 360 lifestyle at the WorkSpot

//Paul Mah lives the 360 lifestyle at the WorkSpot

Paul Mah lives the 360 lifestyle at the WorkSpot

By Aidil Teper

The WorkSpot is our newly-launched innovative collaboration space, set within the lush green surroundings of the Hollandse Club. This unbeatable co-working space is the perfect solution for those who believe in living the 360 lifestyle of work while you play or play while you work!

We catch up with Technology expert Paul Mah who lives this 360 lifestyle at the WorkSpot.

Tell us more about what you do?

I have been a Freelance Writer for a decade already. I used to work in the IT industry dealing with servers and networks. This was when I picked up writing and starting blogging for TechRepublic, an online IT publication. One thing led to another and I began writing full-time about Technology for other publications after a year.

About five years ago, I started to do Content Marketing to help companies promote their business. Today, two-thirds of my work revolves around Content Marketing. The strategy behind it is to tell brand stories that they want their customers to know.

I worked with many MNCs like Synology and VMware to create their marketing content. It helps to create more awareness for my clients and address more frequently asked questions that their customers want to know before they decide to buy their products and services.   

What made you decide to work from the WorkSpot?

Previously, I’ve worked from many places like fast-food restaurant, cafes and rented office spaces. I even converted a room in my home into a workstation. However, all these places didn’t suit me. I realised that all I needed was simply a co-sharing space.

Office spaces are often too pricey and I don’t have that much equipment to store. Having a fixed desk in the WorkSpot gives me the best of both worlds because everything is ready for me to plug-and-play. The environment is great because you won’t get any interruptions like you would in public places or at home.

The cost-savings was the compelling reason for me to use the WorkSpot. It’s much cheaper than other co-sharing spaces that weren’t offering much amenities. The parking here is all included. The internet is much faster than other co-sharing spaces I’ve used and I love its hard-wired internet ports.  

I work for the first half of the day before heading to the gym and eating lunch afterwards. I then work for the remainder of the day, feeling just as fresh as when I come in the mornings. The WorkSpot enables me to live a 360 lifestyle where I have complete work-life balance.

How far do you have to travel to reach the WorkSpot?

Another reason why I use the WorkSpot is that it is centrally located. It’s more convenient for me to drive to the WorkSpot than to a co-sharing space in the CBD. I don’t have to negotiate the slow traffic conditions, multiple traffic lights and find a parking space, which takes up too much of my time.

I live in Upper Serangoon, near to Sengkang, and the drive to the WorkSpot is surprisingly smooth despite the peak-hour traffic. It’s also near the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), which makes it more accessible for me to drive to work.  

What has been the feedback when your clients meet you at the WorkSpot?

The feedback from my clients has been great. I have my meetings at Jaxs’ Bistro, next to the WorkSpot, because I can order coffee or juice for them. They appreciate that it’s in a non-office environment and are impressed by the lush green surroundings. If given a choice, I think that they too would love to work from the WorkSpot.

Most co-sharing spaces don’t have a fully fledged cafe. They tend to be smaller and have limited food options, unlike Jaxs’ Bistro. There’s lot choose from their full menu and I can grab a bite whenever I’m hungry. This one of the many perks working from the WorkSpot.   

Describe more about the WorkSpot community?

I am an introvert by nature and my idea of relaxing is simply reading a book in a corner. However, I have come to appreciate the value of communication, especially when I’m running out of ideas. I get to talk about different topics with the WorkSpot community. It helps me to think about new concepts which I can develop into ideas for my work. It also brings about renewed energy from the interaction.

This sense of belonging lets you form new partnerships and even friendships. You become familiar with everyone and soon the casual greetings evolve into meaningful conversations which leads to friendships. To be honest, I wouldn’t have known about this co-sharing space if I wasn’t recommended by another WorkSpot member, Karen Bart.   

You recently had a television crew come and film you at the WorkSpot. Tell me more about what happened?

Channel NewsAsia was filming an episode of Talking Point about the risk of mobile technology and they wanted to interview me. The television producer liked the WorkSpot and its lush green surroundings. I had to explain about mobile technologies to the host, Diana Ser, from my custom workstation in their video.

In my line of work, I get to interview a lot of experts who are knowledgeable about various subjects. However, the roles were reversed and I was the expert being interviewed and by a television crew nonetheless!

It was completely new to me but I didn’t realise that it would take so much time. I had imagined that the interview would only take up an hour, as there were other experts in this episode. Eventually, it took them four hours to video me. This was definitely a memorable experience that I will never forget.

Have we peaked your curiosity?

The WorkSpot is available for the Hollandse Club Members only and we have made it very easy to join our international community. There’s no joining fee, only a monthly contribution of $174/month for single members or $249/month for families to become a member. Depending on the desk you choose, the WorkSpot could be as little as $12 additionally per day.

To book a tour or find the plan that works best for you, please see the Reception when you’re next at the Hollandse Club or email

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