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From different backgrounds and cultures, the Hollandse Club’s team is dedicated to bring its members the best possible experience. Each of us enthusiastically contributes to ensure there are always fun activities and events going on, that financial matters are up to date, that every media channel in Singapore knows about our latest updates and in general to bring a smile on everyone’s faces. We help create family and sports memories and take play seriously!


Marte van der Hoeven

Cecile Sturm
Vice President

Daniel Gelinas
First Secretary

Rein Graat
Second Secretary

Andrew McDonald
Facilities & Maintenance

Stuart Crow

Karen Bart
Commercial Affairs

Ken Shohtoku
Honorary Treasurer


Annemiek Kuijsten
General Manager

Martijn Boersma
Assistant General Manager

Marloes Schoonenberg
Membership & Communication Manager

Rozita Abu Bakar
Office Manager

Rex Gillera
Membership Executive

Jannah Omar
Marketing Communications Executive/Designer

Julie Feron
Marketing Intern

Jill Agnew
Business Development Manager

Hafiz Abdul
Events Manager

Candy Lim

Andy Haw
Income Audit

Yulian Ong
Accounts Executive

Ineke Cook
Reception Manager

Anna Mendoza
Front Desk Officer

Nurul Ain Saleh
Front Desk Officer

Benazir Bee d/o Kadhar
Front Desk Officer

Rashid Suyot
Head of Housekeeping