NCA celebrates 50 years of giving back to Singapore

//NCA celebrates 50 years of giving back to Singapore

NCA celebrates 50 years of giving back to Singapore

By Antoinette Van Den Berg

Beneath all the wealth and prosperity in Singapore, there are still people who fall between the cracks of society: women and children fleeing abuse and violence; people who cannot afford a meal a day; vulnerable elderly and domestic workers suffering from abuse.

Already since 1968 NCA (Netherlands Charity Association) has been giving back to Singapore by supporting these people. We do this through creating awareness, giving support in actions and by raising funds for carefully selected local projects and initiatives. With our foundations in the expat community we bridge the gap between the expat community and those in need in Singapore For many years NCA supports several families through the Breadline Group, a service group that cares for the welfare of the old and underprivileged in Singapore. The families are visited every month by a volunteer to find out how they fare. During such a visit the volunteer can provide food provisions and/or extra funds in addition to any public assistance they may be receiving. The need for such help comes from the fast pace of development in Singapore. Due to rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of Singapore, shifting social changes have increased the struggle of making a living for the elderly and the poor. They just cannot keep up with the pace of the nation’s development. Especially for those who, for whatever reason, are not living in welfare or in special homes. Most of the social welfare assistance they receive goes to rent and public utilities, leaving them with very little to live on.

Like Mdm Yang, an elderly Malaysian woman. Her Singaporean husband recently passed away and his Public Assistance of SG$450 per month was terminated so she has no other source of income, except for about SG$70 per month she gets collecting used cardboards. She also looks after her teenaged grandson as her daughter lives in Malaysia. The SG$500 a month that she gets from Breadline (VIA NCA) covers her daily expenses and pays partly for her grandson’s schooling expenses.

For more information about our projects and the other organizations that we currently support, please visit our website:

In NCA’s Golden Anniversary year, we will honour all our beneficiaries, supporters, members, donors and partners who supported NCA since 1968, in 50 events organized throughout the year. Later in the year we support a selected charity with an additional donation of S$5,050.50.

We invite everyone in 2018 to contribute, help out, share ideas or organize events to join us in making a real difference in the lives of women, children and elderly in Singapore. Get in touch with us through

In close collaboration with valued partners like the Hollandse Club, we will make 2018 a spectacular year!


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