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Unlike other clubs, we aim to foster a community of likeminded individuals that want to be part of a relaxed, family centric club with play and fun at the heart of everything we do. Our member’s value being part of a diverse, International community who love to celebrate family time whilst discovering new sporting and relaxation experiences. With over 1500 International members and growing each month, we offer 3 distinct packages:


1 Year
Social Membership

This entry-level membership is ideal if you are not sure how long you will be staying in Singapore

  • No joining fee
  • Monthly fees: F $225 | S $150

Connect to the club, be part of the community and enjoy all the benefits without the joining fee. Perfect for expatriates who want a modern, monthly payment option, our unique social package allows members to pay a monthly fee of SGD225 for families and SGD 150 for individuals, with a one-year minimum sign up.


Lifetime Transferable
Membership (LTM)

This is an ideal option if you will be staying for a longer period in Singapore

  • Joining fee: $10,500
  • Monthly fees: F $211 | S $134

For those wanting to invest in the club and become stakeholders with full voting rights, we offer the lifetime package. This membership is valid for a lifetime period, however, the one off, upfront payment of SGD10, 500 can be transferred if a member chooses to leave the club. This transfer fee is 25% of the selling value.


Corporate Transferable Membership (CTM)

Companies wanting to expand and enhance their employee benefit options can select this option

  • Joining fee: $18,500
  • Monthly fees: F $211 | S $ 134

Companies wanting to expand and enhance their employee benefit options can select the corporate option.  We offer a rate of SGD18500 membership fee to cover 3 employees. The re-nomination fee is SGD 3,000.


Ever heard of getting a full gym, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pool access for only $225 per month with no joining fee? No, neither have we, contact us to receive a FREE complimentary 1 month membership and add a splash of fun and excitement to your lifestyle.


Come and play! The firs month is on us, then it’s only SGD225 for the whole family.

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