By Aidil Teper

Singaporean Karen Bart, is Managing Director of TAGZ Asia Pacific, and an early adopter of the WorkSpot. She enthusiastically explains why she loves it so much.

Tell us more about your job.

TAGZ delivers SPLAN’s next generation check-in solutions across the APAC region. It is the new way to welcome guests to your offices. Our solutions capture visitor details in a quick and efficient manner, and yet with data encryption protocols we have in place, it keeps that data secured and safe.

Why did you decide to base your office at the WorkSpot?

I had been in two other co-sharing spaces previously, both located in the heart of town. There are pros and cons being in or out of town, but there is absolutely nothing like coming in everyday and just stopping at the top of the tennis courts in the morning and taking a deep breath of fresh air with a fabulous view of the greenery. It just calms the soul down immediately.

Moving to the WorkSpot has also meant huge savings in parking and the cost of having a fixed desk. We are still very close to town and I can easily get to all my clients. Since coming here, I have definitely gotten fitter as I can execute my fitness schedule regularly. I love it here!

Describe a typical day at work.

My days are long. They start early, as I’ve always been an early riser and end fairly late. What I have discovered since moving to the WorkSpot is the ability to get a workout, be it in the gym or at the swimming pool. I must say, taking that break in the middle of the day to build in a sporting activity leaves me more refreshed for the remainder of the day. I am now looking forward to re-starting playing tennis and joining yoga classes.

What is the WorkSpot community like?

To me, the people at any organisation are very important. WorkSpot may be a co-sharing space, but the talent that is here is amazing. Spending time getting to know them has been great. They are all very helpful, smart, motivated, and encouraging.  Working at the WorkSpot has allowed me to interact more with the members who are here, to speak to them and understand their thoughts.  This in turn has helped me in my work on the Main Committee of this Club, giving me fresh ideas to make it grow and become a truly international family club.

Have we peaked your curiosity?

The WorkSpot is available for the Hollandse Club Members only and we have made it very easy to join our international community. There’s no joining fee, only a monthly contribution of $174/month for single members or $249/month for families to become a member. Depending on the desk you choose, the WorkSpot could be as little as $12 additionally per day.

To book a tour or find the plan that works best for you, please see the Reception when you’re next at the Hollandse Club or email