A Hollandse Club Baby!

//A Hollandse Club Baby!

A Hollandse Club Baby!

In September, something very special happened at the Club and of course we wouldn’t want to keep it from you.

Meet Karin and Dave, both from the Netherlands and little William (who was 16 days old on the day of our interview).

The Dutch couple moved to Singapore about three years ago when Dave accepted the opportunity to work abroad with Smit (Boskalis). Karin had to quit her job in the Netherlands, but quickly found her way around in Singapore and is currently working for STPI, a dynamic creative workshop and contemporary art gallery.

They are both from Rotterdam, a Dutch city that is about a fifth of the size of Singapore. They became members of the Hollandse Club soon after their arrival in Singapore and regularly visited the Club for social events, meals at the restaurant and swimming in the pool.

For the past three years they had lived on the 32nd floor in a beautiful condominium located next to the old railway station in Tanjong Pagar. Although they loved the surroundings, they preferred to move to a more quiet and serene place and found their happiness in Sentosa Cove.

Although they planned the move smoothly, disaster struck as the previous tenants of the Sentosa apartment decided to extend their lease by another month. As Dave and Karin had already terminated their lease in their Tanjong Pagar apartment, they urgently needed to find an alternative solution for the month of September, as Karin was 38 weeks pregnant.

They posted 100 notes in their condo, checked with friends, but in the end decided to bridge the gap by moving into one of the Club’s hotel rooms and brought along some furniture to make it feel like home.

They moved to the Club’s hotel room on the 30th of August and planned to relax at the Club’s premises for another two weeks until little William arrival. However, in the middle of their second night at the Club, little William decided to discover the world early, and they found it necessary to go to the hospital as fast as they could.

Events became even more exciting when Dave realised that the Club’s guard had gone to the restrooms for a while and closed the parking barrier. Luckily, Dave didn’t have to move the barrier himself as the guard came back only a few seconds later.

Within minutes they were at Singapore General Hospital where William was born only a few hours later.

After spending his first two days in the hospital, William and his very proud parents went back to their Suite at the Club. For the first couple of days, Jacky’s team prepared all the new parents’ meals and they started to get used being a little family of three.

When I met Karin for the first time at the pool, little William was already 10 days old. She loves to bring him to the pool deck when Dave is at work and says that her little boy loves the Dutch gezelligheid at the Club. He is often much calmer when he is surrounded by other happy members at the pool and sometimes starts crying as soon as they head back to the room.

When I ask Dave and Karin what they like most about being at the Club during this special period in their lives, Dave mentions that he is very happy to have the Delicious store nearby and likes to bring back some herring for lunch. The couple thinks the Club’s team is very warm and welcoming, who are always there to help when needed. The Club feels like home and they can’t wait to host his parents (first time grandmother and grandfather!) here in the upcoming weeks.

Karin and Dave never sit still. While working at the art gallery, Karin followed evening classes for her Master in Arts and Cultural management. She graduated while pregnant and is looking forward to go to her Graduation with her little family. And Dave? He is already training hard for the Father’s Swimming Race, part of the Club’s Championships in March.

By Marloes Schoonenberg

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