FitMantras – The method behind a strong body and mind

//FitMantras – The method behind a strong body and mind

FitMantras – The method behind a strong body and mind

FitMantras is a revolution that started in July 2016, aiming to provide fun, affordable and entertaining fitness programmes that cater to all fitness needs.

Headed by founder and head coach Vanan, the highly experienced and dedicated trainers conduct different kinds of fitness programmes. Their goal is to build a community of sports fanatics and help them to achieve their desired level of fitness and surpass their limits.

Settling into the Club’s Gym since the beginning of July, FitMantras offers personal training to Hollandse Club Members. In the upcoming months, they will also conduct the Kids Sports’ Club at the Multi-purpose Court and outdoor boot camps around the Club’s premises.

I wouldn’t recommend the classes to you without having been thrown in the deep end myself. So, I took up a few personal training classes with both Vanan and Daniel. It was absolutely great! The first session included an interesting fitness test to check on my flexibility, strength and fitness level.

As soon as Daniel realised that my fitness level is almost as good as The Rock’s (not really…), he didn’t hesitate a minute to keep my heartbeat up, and had me begging for air for the next following hour. It was tough and challenging, but I loved the class that focused on cardio and strength. The muscle pain that followed the days after reminded me that I (or the coaches?) did the right thing.

Every Hollandse Club Member is invited to take this 30-minute complimentary fitness evaluation, so don’t forget to drop by the Gym and book a slot with Vanan or Daniel and find out why we think FitMantras provides one of the best personal training programmes in Singapore’s fitness industry.

The team is based in the Gym and should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the trainers. FitMantras looks forward to working closely with all of you as you embark on your fitness journey.

By Marloes Schoonenberg

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