Davis Cup

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Davis Cup

By Scott Johnston

The Davis Cup weekend started with seven teams made up of over 60 members representing countries from all over the world. Players were not deterred by a little rain on Friday night, with only a small delay before the matches started, letting players show their best serve and volley, smash prowess and deft touch around the net.

Saturday welcomed players on Day 2 with sunny weather all throughout the day with the last of 62 matches played by the late afternoon. The Round Robin format ensured everyone played many competitive matches and having fun on the court.

At the conclusion, team BLT won this year’s Davis Cup, winning all their ties with the other teams. The Odd Balls finished a close second as runners-up with just a few matches difference, winning five of their six ties.

A big “thank you”, to all the players who participated. It really was an enjoyable weekend and here’s looking forward to next year!

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