5 Tips To Become Healthy And Fit In The New Year

//5 Tips To Become Healthy And Fit In The New Year

5 Tips To Become Healthy And Fit In The New Year

1: You need a goal.

Setting a goal is the foundation of success and it will lead to improved training adherence. A goal can be anything you like such as losing fat, getting toned, running a marathon, picking up new sports, getting healthier and fitter, or work out for a swimming competition.

Always try to set a goal that is both inspirational and a bit outside your comfort zone. Inspiration is a good reason to start training and the fear factor keeps you motivated. In terms of timing, the best goal is several months ahead to give you enough time to work towards your goal, keeping the pressure there.

2: Be committed 

When you set a goal, keep it real and stay committed. One step a day brings you closer to the finishing line. It does not matter how fast you go, the key is to maintain your training and constantly remind yourself that you were better than yesterday. Don’t let any excuses from your monkey brain make you give up. Stay true to yourself. Once it becomes a habit you won’t change it.

3:  Be realistic 

One of the biggest problems with New Year’s resolutions is that they can be extremely impractical. Setting goals is a great idea, but make sure they are realistic and feasible. If you set it too high, you might not be able to reach it which will be demotivating and make you want to show the white flag. For example, start running with 1 km run, slowly increase it to two km and then three km as time and weeks go by. Remember one step at a time will move you to reach your goal.

4:  Take It Easy

Think of your resolution as a lifelong commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You are much more likely to be successful if you take it easy at the beginning.  For instance, you may see people exercising at a very high intensity, but you should start with low-to-moderate intensity workouts. You may know people who train six days a week, but it’s fine to start with three. You may see people engage in a diverse array of physical activities, but a 20-minute walk three days a week is a great place to begin. With some basic stretching that will loosen up your tight tension muscles.


Drinking more water and staying hydrated is super important. It can help with your skin, circulation, and even weight loss by making you feel full. You can even spice things up with sparkling water or adding sliced lemons, berries, or cucumbers to boost the flavour. Do cut back on sugary, soda drinks. Whenever you feel thirsty, that’s a sign of dehydration. Do drink constantly throughout the day, at least two litres of water a day.




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