2018 Bintan Triathlon

//2018 Bintan Triathlon

2018 Bintan Triathlon

By Sophie March

There was a fantastic turn out from the Hollandse Club at the 2018 Bintan Triathlon in May. It was a brilliant family weekend with some great sporting results. The weekend kicked off with the sun shining for the Sprint Triathlon.

Club members Megan Morrell and Stuart Ashworth completed their first triathlons. They were also joined in the Sprint category by Lorraine Van Wersch, Antoinette van den Berg and Jacqueline Wong Fat.

Three sets of competitive husbands and wives also took part in the Sprint distance: Sophie and Nick March, Boukje and Berend Zonneveld, and Nienke Gelderloos and Hjalmar Mulder. The husbands just beat the wives to the finish line but it was VERY close in each partnership, the biggest gap only 1 minute

32 seconds. I suspect there will be some re-matches in 2019!

The heat was intense in the afternoon, at the start of the Olympic Distance race. However, when most of the participants were out on the bike section of the race, a huge storm rolled in. Battling against the elements and an incredibly muddy running course, Raymond van den Berg, Sean Bailey and Wouter Van Wersch finished in fantastic times. Sean and Wouter were both happy to complete their race under three hours.

The next morning was a beautiful and clear one. The perfect weather for the kids to show off their sporting talents. There was a wonderful turnout from the Club in these races. Highlights included Inne Zonneveld competing in the Kids Triathlon in the 8-9 year old category and racing children as old as 11 years. Well done, Inne!

Congratulations also to Eugenie Van Wersch for winning the Kids Triathlon, not just in her category or gender but the whole race! A fantastic effort, Eugenie!

After the Kids and Youth races there was a Fun Duathlon for the younger kids who were accompanied by a parent along a 1.5km run and a 150m swim. Well done to Harry Ashworth and Emilia March who represented the Hollandse Club in this race.

These are just a few of the participants who competed at the Bintan Triathlon weekend. There was a large and enthusiastic turnout from the Hollandse Club. A big thank you to the Club Management for the wonderful tote bags for the participants. They looked great and were super useful for carrying all the kit over the weekend.

It’s nine months until Bintan 2019… start your training now and hopefully, we can have an even bigger turnout from the Hollandse Club next year!

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